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Mozilla & Gecko clones Firefox 3.0, released not too long ago, was generally well-received. It added a load of new features, while also providing much-needed speed improvements and better memory management. Some new features, however, have met more resistance - one of them is the rather complicated user interface thrown at users when they reach a website with an invalid or expired SSL certificate.
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WLAN hotspots and SSL
by Novack on Sat 30th Aug 2008 10:56 UTC
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The major annoyance with this feature for me is when I use WLAN hotspots that have a login page you need to complete prior to getting full access to Internet.

These systems redirect whatever you have as your homepage to their login page. I happen to have an SSL secured webpage as my homepage, so when this redirection occurs, Firefox shows this SSL error page. This is of course natural, but it makes it very hard to access the page without having to add an SSL exception. You need to copy the address you're getting redirected to from the error message to the address bar and switch the protocol type to normal HTTP.

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