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Mac OS X Apple has released the latest update to its Leopard operating system, Mac OS X 10.5.5, with tons and tons of fixes. As always, the release is a recommended update fr all Leopard users, so fire up Software Update, and let's hope it doesn't cause any troubles. Read one for a quick rundown of the most important changes.
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I actually like but to each their own. I use it because it has better keyboard support than Gyazmail and it seems to thread better for me, and I can expand/collapse threads with the left/right arrow which I cannot do in Gyazmail. Other than the iMap issue with Gmail I really hadn't had any issues with it. It would be nice if it supported encryption/signing, but that's just me coming from a UNIX background.

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Oh no doubt it has many more features! I think they need to simply spend more time on ironing out any glitches and pass on adding new features for awhile. And indeed, they have had fixes for Mail frequently in updates. GyazMail does not offer a lot of flexibility, but it is pretty rock solid.

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2007-07-27 does support encryption and signing.

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2008-07-15 does support encryption and signing.

Sorry, I meant encryption/signing out of the box. Currently there are plugins to do this, but they are hacks around some of's internals and I've personally had mixed results. If there is out of the box encryption/signing then it's sure hidden itself well.

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