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Internet & Networking Cisco and a group of leading tech companies have formed an industry alliance that promotes the Internet Protocol (IP) for interconnecting millions of embedded devices such as thermometers and light switches, forming an "Internet of Things". Many OSNews readers should be familiar with the technical basis of the alliance: embedded open source developer Adam Dunkels' lightweight uIP TCP/IP stack from the Contiki operating system. Nice to see that open source OSes besides Linux and BSD also have a major impact on the technology industry.
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by David on Tue 23rd Sep 2008 18:45 UTC in reply to "Comment by SK8T"
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I know that was just a joke, but I think that in many cases these items won't be online, just on the local network, for home automation and other local networking uses. There's currently a patchwork of competing proprietary protocols for these things, which is not necessary and hampers adoption. I welcome a move to IP for these kinds of devices.

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