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Windows Even though I'm still not quite sure what "the cloud" actually is (it's the internet, right?), Microsoft has just announced that it will be releasing 'Windows Cloud' at its Professional Developers Conference later this month. Windows Cloud (a temporary codename) will apparently be based on Windows Server, but with new features and characteristics. Steve Ballmer made the announcement at a Microsoft-sponsored conference for IT managers in London.
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Yes it seems so...
by membrain on Wed 1st Oct 2008 22:10 UTC
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Thom, according to Wikipedia it *is* the internet, but it's really up there on my hatewordlist with "Blogosphere".

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RE: Yes it seems so...
by zombie process on Fri 3rd Oct 2008 14:53 in reply to "Yes it seems so..."
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Strange how the intarweb stole (inherited?) the name from Frame Relay. It seems that it's an extrapolation made by, or perhaps for, PHBs who couldn't understand "WAN link" or "Hub and Spoke WAN technology" so they assumed (or were told) that anything outside of their office (the internet for instance) was "the cloud."

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