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KDE "Krusader is a massively powerful and feature-packed twin panel file manager. If you dislike bloat and prefer minimalist windows managers like XFCE or Fluxbox, the good news is that Krusader will run without KDE, provided you have the necessary libraries installed. If Dolphin isn't cutting the mustard Krusader might just be what you've been looking for." Here is the download page for Krusader, give it a spin and share your comments.
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Comment by lucifer
by lucifer on Sat 18th Oct 2008 08:12 UTC
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there is something about the dual panel (+ CLI at bottom) file manager concept that is so very bloody powerful and useful.

i was using norton commander back when msdos was 3.30, had never been without a dual panel file manager on all the operating systems i have used. even now, i am using total commander on my vista laptop.


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RE: Comment by lucifer
by Doc Pain on Mon 20th Oct 2008 23:50 in reply to "Comment by lucifer"
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there is something about the dual panel (+ CLI at bottom) file manager concept that is so very bloody powerful and useful.

It's the fact it's honoring a simple concept: Many things of your daily file administration work are "source and target operations", such as copying, moving, symlinking; even creating archives or FTP operations (get / put) can be seen that way.

I never understood why one would use the edit buffer (!) to copy or move files... :-)

The famous Midnight Commander follows this concept. You don't even need to "switch modes" (e. g. from panel mode into CLI mode), no, you just can type in a command and complete it with file or directory names from one or both panels.

Allthough the Midnight Commander is able to be operated by the mouse, I don't know of one person doing it. The most powerful input device for this kind of file manager still seems to be the keyboard, especially the programmable function keys, following a long tradition, make it easy to access the functions of the file manager - you don't need to travel nested menues.

There have been many clones of the famous Norton Commander you mentioned, some better, some worse. I think Krusader belongs to the first category. It's a nice tool when you're using KDE anyway, it integrates well with the look of the rest of the desktop (only matters when you're a "consistency guy"). Its functionalities seem to cover all the things you need in daily operations. I'll give it a honest try on the longer run, allthough it could never be a replacement for the Midnight Commander to me (MC can be used via text mode connection, even serial one).

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