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Linux ServerWatch writes about the slow but sure death of UNIX by the onslaught of Linux and customers moving from older proprietary UNIX systems to commercially supported open source enterprise Linux distributions. "Linux does have one killer feature that is driving the switch: lower cost. Many companies are discovering Linux to be extremely attractive from a cost perspective. Take the experience of Sabre, a travel company that replaced Solaris with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) running on x86 machines, resulting in lowering costs 90 percent (with a three-fold speed gain to boot). These potential cost savings, which include hardware maintenance costs savings, are not to sniffed at."
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RE[3]: Misleading...
by Al Dente on Thu 23rd Oct 2008 19:45 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Misleading..."
Al Dente
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My shop was a big Solaris HPUX shop for a long time. Linux and Free/Open-BSD did small jobs though.

Now we are going to Linux in a big way.

There is the impression that Linux is cheaper than Solaris but that is perception more than reality. Red Hat licenses are expensive and Red Hat support is more expensive than Sun OS support. As much as Linux has improved from an administrator's point of view I still like Solaris better. Solaris seems more robust, has a better performing IP stack, it has ZFS, and like I said is actually cheaper in a commercial environment when the license and support costs are compared.

One of the last big projects that popped up I suggest that we do a proof of concept on both Linux and Solaris to see which performs better. We could set up 2 virtual machines easily and know which works and performs better with very little investment of time or resources. I can't remember the last time one of my ideas were shot down so quickly. These days it seems that if "Linux" isn't the right answer you aren't asking the right question.

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RE[4]: Misleading...
by Doc Pain on Fri 24th Oct 2008 09:21 in reply to "RE[3]: Misleading..."
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These days it seems that if "Linux" isn't the right answer you aren't asking the right question.

I don't want to seem impolite, but some years ago, this statement, having only replaced Linux by "Windows", has been considered completely true. If you said words like Linux or BSD, people would have looked at you as if you came from another planet. You can achieve this result today by saying Solaris, or z/OS. :-)

But I think this has to be seen within the development of time. In Germany, there's still the belief that nothing exists outside "Windows", and Linux is still a kind of geek toy. But slowly, those who run server stuff have recognized the advantage that Linux can run fine where others still run commercial UNIX, and "Windows", of course.

In my opinion, there's room for everything. For many requirements, Linux is an excellent solution, but there are applications where I would prefer Solaris or one of the BSDs without any further question. This is even true for servers.

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