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Linux ServerWatch writes about the slow but sure death of UNIX by the onslaught of Linux and customers moving from older proprietary UNIX systems to commercially supported open source enterprise Linux distributions. "Linux does have one killer feature that is driving the switch: lower cost. Many companies are discovering Linux to be extremely attractive from a cost perspective. Take the experience of Sabre, a travel company that replaced Solaris with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) running on x86 machines, resulting in lowering costs 90 percent (with a three-fold speed gain to boot). These potential cost savings, which include hardware maintenance costs savings, are not to sniffed at."
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Raymond Noorda
by Moulinneuf on Fri 24th Oct 2008 01:30 UTC in reply to "RE: "Next" victim?"
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The problem with your incorrect story vs history is that history is actually recorded :

"Up to his death, Noorda owned the Canopy Group. One of its holdings, Caldera Systems"

"Caldera Systems, based in Utah, was founded in 1994 by Bryan Sparks[2] and Ransom Love [3], receiving start-up funding from Ray Noorda"


"I'm a Linux fan."

No , your not ...

But, honestly, I'm a Unix fan first

No , your not ... neither honest nor a UNIX fan.

Linux and the *BSDs have been the unifying forces

BSD's unified ... I am gonna have to say no.
They are not even unified among them self and you are suggesting they are with GNU/Linux for UNIX sakes ...

"It pains me when we still fight amongst ourselves"

There is no *we* with UNIX and BSD in regard to GNU/Linux.

now that we have a chance to do something wonderful.

No , you don't ...


Tell you what tomorrow is going to be the start of a MONTH long Holy day for all GNU/Linux developers because our friends and ally UNIX , Solaris , Microsoft , Apple , BSD'S and all the other OS are going to share there *NIX code as Free Software with GNU/Linux because we are all unified ...

oh wait what you wrote was just bullshit and nonsense ...

But what's more pathetic is the moderation on it ... WoW there is a lot of gullible fools on OSnews this days.

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RE: Raymond Noorda
by sbergman27 on Fri 24th Oct 2008 01:55 in reply to "Raymond Noorda"
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What, exactly is it that you disagree with regarding Ray Noorda?

None of the rest of your post is worth responding too. My only question there is how you can stand to be so very hateful. Hateful thoughts drain the life out of me. I find it far more pleasant to avoid them. You have done a great deal to damage the reputation of the Linux community here on OSNews through the expression of your hatred of BSD. Possibly more than anyone else I can think of. I have tried to reach you in the past, through public and private communications, through reason. I've exhausted all the reasonable strategies. So perhaps it is time to resort to an *unreasonable* one:

You can stick your head up your ass, Moulinneuf. Or, actually, I think you already have.

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v RE[2]: Raymond Noorda
by Moulinneuf on Fri 24th Oct 2008 02:35 in reply to "RE: Raymond Noorda"
RE[2]: Raymond Noorda
by google_ninja on Fri 24th Oct 2008 03:03 in reply to "RE: Raymond Noorda"
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Moulineuf is so ridicules he is a self parody. Awhile back I used to try and enumerate all the OSNews terms of use that he was violating in his posts (personal attacks, inflammatory language, etc) but he just doesn't get it.

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RE[2]: Raymond Noorda
by satrac on Sat 25th Oct 2008 02:46 in reply to "RE: Raymond Noorda"
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Moulinneuf is not worth your time. You should ignore his type, he's just noise, neither insightful nor fully human.

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