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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Is Windows 7 leaning too much towards the Mac side of life? Many Microsoft bloggers are saying that it does, that Windows 7 is too much "form over function", something they accuse Apple of. While superficially they may have a point, the differences between Windows and Mac OS X are still glaringly obvious. Are a few changes to the taskbar enough to make Windows OS X-like? Bloggers like Mary-Jo Foley, Paul Thurrot, and others seem to think so.
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RE[3]: Every release
by darknexus on Fri 5th Dec 2008 22:30 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Every release"
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I don't quite follow that logic. There are very few fanboys, and an army of fanboy haters, and somehow that reflects badly on the product the fanboys like? I guess to me that reflects more on the fanboy haters, but to each their own.

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RE[4]: Every release
by sbergman27 on Fri 5th Dec 2008 22:38 in reply to "RE[3]: Every release"
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I don't quite follow that logic. There are very few fanboys, and an army of fanboy haters

I agree with you that there are more haters than fanboys. I would generalize that to the topics of Linux, *BSD, and likely others.

I also very much agree with WorknMan, though. In fact, that is a topic which is very important to me. It's far easier to make enemies than friends. One person practicing "Bad Advocacy" can undo the work of 10 good advocates. And the bad advocates absolutely fail to see, or refuse to see that they are doing it. Invariably, they seem to think that they are doing good.

I speak from a Linux perspective, but I suspect that this applies more broadly.

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RE[5]: Every release
by darknexus on Fri 5th Dec 2008 22:58 in reply to "RE[4]: Every release"
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I'd say your suspicians are spot on, it most certainly applies more broadly... to every product/zealot combination, in fact. I'll be honest, on most tech sights I see more Linux fanboys than any other type at the moment, but no doubt that will change in time to some other set of zealots. I guess the anti-fanboys annoy me more than the actual fanboys do. At least the fanboys are advocating something, no matter how annoying they get, the others are usually just dissing the fanboys and adding nothing productive at all.

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RE[5]: Every release
by computrius on Sat 6th Dec 2008 00:12 in reply to "RE[4]: Every release"
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uggg.. dont get me started on the Linux fan boys... They make the mac fan boys look intelligent.

I dont necessarily have anything against fan boys promoting the product they like. Im a beos/haiku fan boy ;) . The problem is when they are blatantly spreading misinformation and complete crap about why the product is good. To listen to most mac fan boys, you would get the impression that every computer related product in the world is a rip off of some apple product (completely indistinguishable!), yet somehow insanely inferior at the same time.

The linux fan boys are just convinced that they are smart, and anyone who doesnt use linux is stupid and that they have some holy calling to brag about this to every living thing they come in contact with.

And then there are the windows fan boys.... It makes my head hurt just to think about them..

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