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General Development IBM delves into what's new in PHP 5.3: Part-1 shows you the changes to the object-orientated capabilities, and Part-2 shows you the exciting new possibilities with real closures and lambda functions. ["Read more" for Kroc's personal commentary]
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RE: PHP5 is object oriented
by Saem on Sun 21st Dec 2008 08:58 UTC in reply to "PHP5 is object oriented"
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I've been coding in PHP v5 for sometime now. On a large scale application in fact. During this time, I've experimented extensively with the language: I've gotten various forms of multiple inheritance, before traits came out, meta-programming with annotations, and a ton of other crazy features hacked up. All of that involved heavy use of magic methods (__call, __get, __set), and the rest of PHP's object system.

Just to make it clear, those are crap. You can't use them to satisfy interfaces or abstract methods of any sort. You don't even have options around point of entry, it's always last! PHP in my experience, is a poor, thin veneer atop C. At the same time, I've pushed it pretty far and it's kept up, sort of.

And then there is type hint, which is balls, it's great to help IDEs provide code completion, but in such a loosely typed language you'd think you'd be able to create juggling semantics for user defined types, otherwise you lose a lot of the dynamic nature of the language as you're shoe-horning a crap "static" type system.

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