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BeOS & Derivatives A long time ago, when Windows was busy crashing into walls, when the Mac OS was running around naked in the woods looking for someone to protect its memory, and when Linux was frantically jumping up and down with a lollipop in its mouth, we were blessed with the BeOS. It was new, free of legacy nonsense, fast, and designed from the ground-up to make sense (which it didn't, but at least they tried). It could do all sorts of fancy stuff that the other operating systems could only dream of, but at the same time, trivial things like actually getting networking and the internet to work brought it to its knees. Sadly, it didn't make it because Windows and the Mac OS were bullying BeOS, and of course it didn't help that BeOS' parents didn't really know anything about the real world either. The community around BeOS, however, never really died out, and the central hub, BeBits, weathered all storms. It found a new owner today.
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Would logically be Dane Scott of TuneTracker fame: AFAIK, TuneTracker, along with SoundPlay, are the most commercially-successful apps for the OS that have been in use and updated (GoBe Productive has almost certainly sold more copies, I'm sure SoundPlay has, but TuneTracker is still in active development as we type, and as long as hardware exists that can run it, it seems probable to remain that way) so as such, it seems like the one with the most financial vested interest to see that the community keeps BeBits up and functional is Dane Scott, if only to assure that BeOS/Haiku retains enough critical mass.

However, I could be wrong, and it could also very well be someone we all know that runs a certain BeOS chat server where BeShare is used ;)

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I would give my voice to Karl from HaikuWare, or the BeFan guys with their new HCS label ("Haiku Community Support").
But yeah, Dane Scott would also be a good choise, beside the fact that i don't think he has time for that ...

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