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Mono Project Arstechnica reports that Mono, an open source implementation of .NET runtime, is bringing Microsoft's development technologies to some unexpected places, including the iPhone, Android, and the Wii.
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Ignorant and annoying at the same time? You must be new here.

Mono provides an emulated Windows registry. There is even a tool that allows you to edit it on non-Windows platforms:

"They have also included a Mono migration analysis tool that will let you know if you are making calls that will work differently under Mono. Some .NET calls that access the Windows API mechanisms or low-level system calls will still work just fine, but the developer needs to keep in mind that the support is emulated or imitation -- it's not actually accessing the underlying mechanism. For example, accessing the registry is possible, but Mono creates a file-backed emulation of the registry and can only provide data that your application has stored in it to begin with. Something like trying to enumerate the NICs in the PC from the registry data will fail because those keys simply do not exist. You can also send the tool's output to Novell to get feedback on it."

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don't you find it odd that your Mono apps compile to exe and dlls with the need for a Windows like registry on Linux/Mac?

Yes, that's being ignorant, because the .exe and dlls created by Mono indeed doesn't need the registry, is the for compatiblity for applications exported from windows to linux, is just there by choice and not by "need".

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You are not making sense, if the registry is optional then there would be no need to emulate it. Then developers could do without it since running on Mono would require porting anyway. Sheesh! Try running a few ASP.Net apps under Mono then come back and post here!

Also, how about creating standard ELF binaries on Linux instead of the windows PE junk?

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Yes, that's being ignorant, because the .exe and dlls created by Mono indeed doesn't need the registry, is the for compatiblity for applications exported from windows to linux

Speaking of ignorance..........

This is just something you lusers don't get and never will. I've been cool with that for a while. The vast, vast, vast majority of applications written for Mono are going to have been ported to Mono from Windows. Ergo, a great deal of applications use the registry for various reasons and if something compatible isn't available on Mono then Mono becomes useless because you can't port the application. I mean come on, why does Mono have its own registry implementation at all if it isn't 'needed'? Why is someone even talking about writing a GTK# registry editor?

I'm afraid all that happens is that rather than being a reasonable cross-platform way of getting applications up and running Mono is just going to be sucked into implementing ever more esoteric bits of Microsoft and Windows infrastructure in very imperfect ways.

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You are just ignorance as other people say and your quote proves that. Where in the quote says that you must use registry or so? It seems like Mono guys added emulation to that for completeness sake so to make mono compatible as much as possible. What is the matter with that?

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