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ReactOS The ReactOS project has seen some major progress during 2008. The project, which aims to create a Windows NT-compatible operating system, has published a 'year-in-review' article concerning 2008, detailing the various area of work. It provides some interesting insights into the project's development.
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The reason I said XP or Win 2K is because unlike Windows 95 (Which lasted less then 3 years) XP has been around for almost 10 years and is not going anywhere anytime soon. Windows 7 will not displace it because too many people like the look and feel of XP. So this is a good target to shoot for.

Ah, but there was also Server 2003, and XP64bit which *are* different (even though you'd probably like to believe they aren't relevant). These had newer driver requirements for example.

Personally, I use XP64 at home, and work with Server 2003 quite a bit at work, and find them very pleasant. The user-interface is a very very minor part of the re-creation of Windows - so this is not what you should base your decision on. The re-creation of subsystems, APIs, and the driver model are much more important for the ReactOS project.

I too would welcome an XP as the target, but you have to remain realistic as well. The advantage, as you're pointing out, is that XP has had a long run, with much success software and driver-wise, and this doesn't seem to be dying yet. But in 5-10 years from now, I suspect many hardware manufacturers will cease to offer XP drivers, and the advantage that ReactOS is counting on - driver binary compatibility - will start to subside again.

In any case, I fully support this project, and want to see it succeed and flourish as well ;)

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