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Benchmarks "In January we published a review of the AMD Shanghai Opteron CPUs on Linux- when we looked at four of the Opteron 2384 models. The performance of these 45nm quad-core workstation/server processors were great when compared to the earlier AMD Barcelona processors on Ubuntu Linux, but how is their performance when running Sun's OpenSolaris operating system? Up for viewing today are dual AMD Shanghai benchmarks when running OpenSolaris 2008.11, Ubuntu 8.10, and a daily build of the forthcoming Ubuntu 9.04 release."
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Quite dubious
by Kebabbert on Mon 9th Feb 2009 20:53 UTC
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I wonder what the result would be if Linux used GCC v3.x vs Linux GCC v4.x? I bet that GCC v3.x would loose big. Therefore that bench is not really fair.

I remember the old benchmark there, OpenSolaris vs FreeBSD vs Linux, and OpenSolaris used 32 bit binaries vs Linux 64 bit binaries! Someone compiled the same binaries on OpenSolaris, 32bit and 64bit - and his benchmarks doubled going from 32bit to 64bit! That means that the OpenSolaris benches should also have been doubled, easily winning.

I think the phoronix tester is quite dumb. Seriously.

Someone posted evidence that Linux is way faster than Solaris; an article migrated 800MHz SPARC to 2.8 dual CPU intel Xeon Linux and concluded that Linux is faster. Quite dumb. I wonder, why are there so many dumb people in this world? Seriously. I mean it? How in earth can you compare 800MHz CPU vs 2.8GHz CPU? If you do that, you are really really stupid.

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