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OSNews, Generic OSes It was a fun week for OSNews, with many interesting debates on polarising subjects such as the global menubar in GNOME, Chrome using Gtk+ on Linux, and Cuba moving to Linux. We also took a look at Haiku, talked to Nicki Clyne and the CEO of Lunascape, and reported on a few releases of small operating systems. This week's My Take is about the economic crisis.
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Yep, I'm affected
by TheIdiotThatIsMe on Sun 15th Feb 2009 18:39 UTC
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I live in what used to be called the rust belt, near Youngstown, Ohio. And I must tell you, the effects have been very real here. I lost one of my two jobs, and the second job's hours have been cut to roughly only ten hours per week. Because of this, I lost my payments to my education loan and cards, some of which have defaulted and the others threatening to. I now have no means to go back to college for a long, long time.

In our immediate vicinity, we have had several plant closings, and one major job source has cut two out of three shifts in their plant. We've not quite half of our retail stores in the local mall shut down, a major retailer in the plaza in front of me shut down, Circuit City of course shut down, and many other stores in local cities around us. There are approximately 600 individual applications to one job opening in the area, including for minimum wage jobs (which is what I hold now).

Family members have had to converge, we have three people living in one small one bedroom apartment for shelter, and myself and one other person making enough to try and stay afloat and fed.

So for many people, it's very real.

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RE: Yep, I'm affected
by parrotjoe on Mon 16th Feb 2009 06:28 in reply to "Yep, I'm affected"
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Also living near Youngstown I can only reiterate what you said. It's been tough around here for a long time - ever since the steel mills went kaput - and we always are struggling to attract new businesses of any and all types. Now, along with what you said, cars don't sell, houses don't sell. A regional bank headquartered in Youngstown still has its head above water but has had federal regulation in there for several month because they made too many bad sub-prime loans. It's more touch and go here than ever.

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