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Apple A few days ago, Apple surprised everyone by releasing the first beta of Safari 4, the company's latest version of their WebKit browser. While I generally love Safari on the Mac (my browser of choice on that side of the fence), I've never felt as comfortable with it on the Windows side of things. In any case, this latest beta has made a very bold move in the interface department, and I'm sad to say that it's not for the better. Let me explain where it went wrong for Apple.
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Not that bad
by agildehaus on Sat 28th Feb 2009 23:39 UTC
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I disliked tabs on top initially, but only because it felt so foreign. After living with it for a few days, I like it. Tabs on top makes logical sense, it saves space without compromising functionality or making anything feel cluttered, and visually it's not at all bad. There could be some improvements to the algorithm that decides the width of the tab. I'm sure that change will come.

IMO there are more issues with "Top Sites". To me the button that starts it should be treated as a toggle, like the bookmarks button right next to it.

And Thom, please stop using this place as your soapbox. Sometimes when I come here I feel that I'm reading your blog.

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RE: Not that bad
by google_ninja on Sun 1st Mar 2009 01:42 in reply to "Not that bad"
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Tabs on top do make sense. The google implementation is the best tab implementation I have seen in any program ever. Apple's implementation sucks compared to it.

That being said, I would use safari 4 over firefox any day, but it is a shame that right on the heels of someone doing the same thing so right, it got copied so poorly.

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RE[2]: Not that bad
by raynevandunem on Sun 1st Mar 2009 02:18 in reply to "RE: Not that bad"
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I concur; Safari 4's tabtitlebar doesn't look or work too good on WinXP (it looks better on Vista and best on OS X, as far as I've seen from photos), while Chrome works well on that same platform.

However, I wish that Firefox's unscrunching of tabs for tabscrolling made it into Chrome's or Safari's tabtitlebars. That could've been a major saving grace for Safari 4, instead of maximizing the current page's tab at the expense of the other tabs within an already tight space.

The tabtitlebar is not the disaster in Safari 4, just how Apple makes it work.

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