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Apple Ever since Apple launched the App Store for iPhone owners, the company has seen some serious criticism regarding its willy-nilly admittance policy. Several popular applications were not allowed into the App Store, forcing the developers of those applications to offer their work only to owners of jailbroken iPhones. From now on, that will be a whole lot easier: the first unauthorised iPhone application store is about to open up shop.
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I'm not sure what you mean with:
it doesn't automatically bring up the ability to play the movies, like it does when Quicktime is installed

Are you talking about codecs, or about opening an embeded movie when you're browsing ?

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Yeah opening the movie that's embedded in the page.

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Well, here it depends what browser and what system you're using.

If it's firefox, you can choose in the preferences which app you want to use for whatever is in the page, but you must have the vlc's mozilla-plugin installed.
If you're under windows I'm afraid I can't really help you further. Try to see if you can find the information you need on the VLC website:

If under linux, just loock for that package in your package manager, whiever it may be, and install it.
Depending on your distro, it may be all you need to do, or you may yet need to tell firefox to use vlc (in preferences/apps).

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