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Internet & Networking Apparently, Internet Explorer is on its way out. is saying that Internet Explorer 8 will be the last traditional version of Microsoft's web browser, and that Microsoft's next web browser will be based on a promising Microsoft Research project dubbed "Gazelle".
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RE: Comment by flanque
by Clinton on Wed 11th Mar 2009 10:32 UTC in reply to "Comment by flanque"
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People wouldn't say things like that if it hadn't been true so many times over the years.

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RE[2]: Comment by flanque
by flanque on Wed 11th Mar 2009 10:34 in reply to "RE: Comment by flanque"
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No it's not true. Yes some aspects of Microsoft's software has been crap, but overall they offer excellent software.

It's a stupid generalisation.

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RE[3]: Comment by flanque
by darknexus on Wed 11th Mar 2009 10:42 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by flanque"
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It's not true now. Trouble is, a bad reputation tends to stick around longer than the actual problems, and there's no denying that back in the days of Windows 9x a good deal of Microsoft's consumer software was a bloated, bug-ridden mass of bits. 9x itself, Office 97, etc.
Personally, I don't use Microsoft's software because I'm sick of being treated like a thief, it's the innocent until proven guilty attitude (activation), and the fact that even if I need to reinstall on the same computer I must call them to get an activation code. It's similar to WMA authorization schemes, no control granted to the user at all. Honestly, people complain about Apple's controlling methods, but even they don't put people through that crap. I also have come to dispise a lot of their business practices and artificial software limitations--Vista starter, anyone? So, I choose not to use their products.

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RE[3]: Comment by flanque
by Kroc on Wed 11th Mar 2009 11:00 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by flanque"
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Yes, overall, those 5 years of total neglect were alright. It only cemented the spyware and malware industry we have today.

Reputation is one thing, the damage created is another.

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.. I'll be right back after I fix another of the office workstations..

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