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Linux After two years, the relatively popular PCLinuxOS distribution has finally put out a new major release, imaginatively called PCLinuxOS 2009.1. PCLinuxOS is a release originally based on Mandrake (now Mandriva), but which has taken on a life of its own. The distribution has one selling point (for some, at least) few other popular distributions have: it eschews KDE4 (for now).
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RE: excellent
by satan666 on Thu 12th Mar 2009 19:52 UTC in reply to "excellent"
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I am glad it is not just me that cannot stand KDE4.
I have tried to like it, the version on Opensuse 11 is the best I have seen, but it still does not "feel" like a good desktop environment.

I tried the Ubuntu version, nope, back to Gnome, and on this laptop, I am using WinXP, as it is a dual boot with PC-BSD 7.1... with KDE4.1 that I cannot stand.

Sorry devs, but hte new KDE is just horrible.

You didn't try KDE 4.2.1. It is really good, almost as good as KDE 3.5.10
You also didn't try KDE on the best KDE oriented distro which is Mandriva IMHO.
I've got Mandriva 2009.1 RC1 + KDE 4.2.1 and I'm telling you this is truly a happy marriage.
If you still want to use PC-BSD, their latest beta features KDE 4.2.1
FreeBSD 7.1 is excellent and I expect PC-BSD 7.1 to be a great release too.

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