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Internet Explorer Recently, Microsoft released Internet Explorer 8, which boasted much better standards compliance than previous iterations of the browser. While it passed the Acid2 test, IE8 failed miserably in the Acid3 test, and many people criticised Microsoft for it. Microsoft Australia's Nick Hodge has stated that Microsoft purposefully decided not to support Acid3, because the test tests against draft standards.
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Take the MS Office file formats as a prime example of a deliberately moving target. Microsoft, who pays for all of the endless angst and forced upgrades that those secreted file formats have caused?

Anyway, FTA:

The concern Microsoft has is that if we burnt draft standards into Internet Explorer 8 and passed Acid3 with 120 percent

Some free clues for Microsoft:

(1) The W3C standards tested by Acid3 are over five years old already, some of them are eight or nine years old, it is not like you have had no time to get with it,

(2) If the W3C standards are still draft, it is probably only because Microsoft didn't agree with them and ratify them,

(3) We (consumers) would a million times over prefer platform-agnostic but still draft W3C standards than your platform-specific lock-in Silverlight crud, and

(4) We really, really don't want you to implement the W3C standards 120% ... 100% is what we want. Embrace, but don't extend, please.

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