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Amiga & AROS Some weeks ago the popular AROS distribution VmwAROS has changed name into Icaros Desktop, for two reasons: to avoid confusion with VMware-related products, and to better focus on the "Live" version, which runs on top of real hardware. This new release, Icaros Desktop 1.1, the first with the new name, has got many enhancements over the previous ones.
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RE: Installation to HDD
by bert64 on Sun 29th Mar 2009 21:30 UTC in reply to "Installation to HDD"
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Installing it is quite easy, worked first time for me... It does require you to reboot after you partition, and on the next boot it formats/installs but booting doesn't take very long.

What i would really like to see however, is a list of supported cards for the various drivers... I tried both the ATI and nVidia boot options on different machines and nothing worked.. I had a Radeon x1600, nVidia 8600 and Mobility Radeon in a Dell C610 laptop, none of which worked except with the generic (slow) vesa drivers.
Also the AC97 sound driver causes a noise (like binary catted to /dev/dsp) on the dell c610 followed by a crash.

I have a supported nic and a supported soundcard (emu10k is meant to be the best supported), would be good to get a machine running with everything working.

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RE[2]: Installation to HDD
by AbuHassan on Sun 29th Mar 2009 21:37 in reply to "RE: Installation to HDD"
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Cheers for that Bert. ;)

I have an old 300MHz K6, 128MB of RAM and an GeForce 2MX sitting in a box in the spare room which will do nicely methinks. ;)

I think I might still have a .11b Prism card knocking about somewhere too.

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