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Windows It's something lots of people here on OSNews have been waiting for. It's something we've talked about, something we've theorised about, and something we've declared as the future for Windows' backwards compatibility - and now it's here, and official. Over a month ago, Microsoft bloggers Rafael Rivera and Paul Thurrott have been briefed by Microsoft on a technology for Windows 7 called Windows XP Mode. Available as a free download for Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate users, it's a fully integrated and licensed copy of Windows XP SP3 in a VirtualPC-based environment, with full "coherence" support. In other words, it's Microsoft's variant of Apple's Classic environment, and it's coming to Windows 7, for free. Near-instant update: The Windows 7 RC will indeed be available publicly on May 5. TechNet/MSDN will get it April 30.
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Still worse than XP...
by naranha on Sat 25th Apr 2009 10:13 UTC
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Still worse than XP which has a built-in classic environment, that does not suffer from the performance-misbenifit of virtualisation.

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RE: Still worse than XP...
by Morph on Sat 25th Apr 2009 10:40 in reply to "Still worse than XP..."
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XP does however suffer from the misbenefit of being Windows XP.

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RE: Still worse than XP...
by WereCatf on Sat 25th Apr 2009 10:51 in reply to "Still worse than XP..."
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I was just thinking to myself that no matter what, Win7 still doesn't offer any reason whatsoever for me to upgrade from WinXP; WinXP doesn't take gigabytes of HDD space, it doesn't require gigabytes of memory to run well, the games I play run a lot better under WinXP.. ;)

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RE[2]: Still worse than XP...
by sukru on Sat 25th Apr 2009 11:10 in reply to "RE: Still worse than XP..."
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There were many benchmarks on Windows 7 vs Vista vs XP. Basically if you have a modern machine (4GB RAM, etc), Windows 7 is the OS you'd like to use for the maximum performance.

XP is old, and if your machine is so too (like 5+ years), then you should stay with XP.

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RE[2]: Still worse than XP...
by dragossh on Sat 25th Apr 2009 12:42 in reply to "RE: Still worse than XP..."
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Give Windows 7 a try on May 5th. AFAIK, it runs as well as XP - an Atom-powered eeePC is one of Sinofsky's testing machines. It runs great even on a VM, something I can't say about Vista ;)

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