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Hardware, Embedded Systems This morning, the Itanium Solutions Alliance put out a statement with some vague numbers showing the strength of the Itanium server platform in 2008. By IDC's reckoning of the server space in the fourth quarter, shipments of Itanium-based machines rose by 18 per cent and it was the seventh straight quarter of sales that crested above $1bn for the Itanium server category. Data from Gartner's report covering 2008's server sales indicated that Itanium machines outgrew RISC-based alternatives in terms of sales and shipments, growing share in each category.
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RE[2]: Itanium is still around?
by meeh on Wed 6th May 2009 09:04 UTC in reply to "RE: Itanium is still around?"
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So they went from 100 to 118 units sold ?

Joke aside, the architecture seemed very promising , I recommend reading anandtechs article about the architecture.

The enterprise world however need backwards compatibility for its software stacks. Im not talking about cute flashy sites or clever company x, Itaniums are just to expensive for massive webclusters even if you do get mainstream software like win 2008.

And they dont have the pedigre like POWER or s/390 or sparc to make it which they belong the midrange to highend enterprise like Banks.

(im sure that they would absolutely kill any sparc performance wise, but thats besides the point)

Im almost impressed that they havent killed the arch yet.

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