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Debian and its clones Via LWN, we found a blog post of a Debian maintainer which announces a new package: EGLIBC, a compatible reimplementation of the GNU glibc which "which will soon replace the GNU C Library". Apparently the primary reason is the sadly famous bad maintainership aptitude of Ulrich Drepper, the main libc maintainer.
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LLVM's Clang (LLVM itself is not a compiler) is nowhere near having complete C++ support. You can compile C++ using LLVM-GCC which, of course, does not cut GCC out of the picture like you are apparently hoping for.

Usable C++ support in Clang is at least a year off for the basics, IMO, and probably 2+ years off to be truly feature comparable to GCC (including the improvements GCC is likely going to gain in that time, e.g. improved C++0x support).

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Clang is being designed from the ground up with C++0x support built in. It will take a while but with the more maintainable code base going to LLVM, we'll see who gets there first.

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