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Internet & Networking As we happened to be talking about advertisements on OSNews yesterday, and the use of Adblock, I stumbled upon a blog entry by Adblock Plus' developer, who is trying to improve Adblock in such a way that it is less harmful to webmasters. His suggestion is surely intriguing, but will it fly wth Adblock users?
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RE[3]: Advertising Opt-in
by Johann Chua on Fri 15th May 2009 14:32 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Advertising Opt-in"
Johann Chua
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Likewise. I enjoy reading print ads, but website ads annoy me more often than not.

TV ads are okay, as long as the network isn't so greedy that it overstuffs the timeslot, making shows go off schedule. (I still use a VCR, so recording space is a bit limited compared to a DVR.) This is mostly a problem with the big two networks in the Philippines.

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