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Windows Windows 7 Starter Edition, a sort of My First Operating System, always carried with it a massive braindead bug feature that limited the amount of applications you could simultaniously have open at just three. Yes, past tense, because someone over in Redmond apparently looked up and smelled the roses, and suggested removing this silly limitation. And so they did, according to Paul Thurrot.
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RE: Can we say "money grab"?
by Thom_Holwerda on Fri 22nd May 2009 22:23 UTC in reply to "Can we say "money grab"?"
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They really should reduce it down to three SKUs: server, business, home.

On the desktop side, Home and Professional would do - and we here in the west will see only Windows 7 Home Premium and Professional, so we're covered. The rest of the world - sadly - is not.

The server world is different. A small company really needs a different solution than say a big web 2.0 company, and they both need a different solution than schools, and even those need something else than the HPC market, and so on.

For the server world, a component model would be best. You select which features you need, MS rolls an image from that, and sells it to you. This way, everyone could buy JUST what they needed. Need more components? Just buy them, and add them to your installations.

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