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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris The team at Sun behind OpenSolaris has unleashed OpenSolaris 2009.06 upon the world. This new release comes packed with new features, changes, improvements, and fixes, and is the first release of OpenSolaris for SPARC, adding support for UltraSPARC T1, T2 (Sun4v), and UltraSPARC II, III and IV (Sun4u). Read on for some of the improvements that stand out.
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Tried OpenSolaris 2008.11
by jonathane on Mon 1st Jun 2009 22:48 UTC
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I bought a Toshiba R600 with OpenSolaris preinstalled but the wireless didn't work without major tweaking. I've switched back over to Vista temporarily, but I'll give the new version a shot.

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RE: Tried OpenSolaris 2008.11
by Jondice on Mon 1st Jun 2009 23:39 in reply to "Tried OpenSolaris 2008.11"
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I've been running opensolaris on a dell e1505 quite happily, including wireless working out of the box (as well as nvidia drivers, audio, disk burner).

I have to say, though, that is an epic fail - nothing I hate worse than getting an OS prepackaged on a computer and the basic drivers not working.

EDIT: come to think of it, when I got the Dell e1505 two summers ago (how time flies..) it was packaged with Ubuntu, and wireless didn't work out of the box on it either... =)

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RE: Tried OpenSolaris 2008.11
by joekiser on Tue 2nd Jun 2009 03:06 in reply to "Tried OpenSolaris 2008.11"
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How disappointed you must have been, to purchase a pre-installed OS that didn't even work. Wireless support, and laptop support in general has greatly improved since the last release. On 2008.11, my 4965 wireless could scan networks, but couldn't connect to any of them. I tried Nevada build 112 and everything worked perfectly, sound, suspend/resume, etc, but I decided to wait until 2009.06 came out to actually install. I've been sporadically tracking the progress of this release, and what do you know, OSNews beats me to the punch AND puts it on the front page! Now if only there were more people seeding...

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jonathane Member since:

That sounds like exactly what I was dealing with with 2008.11. It was an issue with the WPA and was a disappointment. I know lots of people have issues with linux and wireless, but compared to OpenSolaris, linux distros have always been a breeze for me. This laptop has a 5100.

I know that some media codecs were supposed to be prepaid with the installation... I wonder if I can still take advantage of that.

I've downloaded the new release. I guess I should start seeding it!

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