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Apple During last week's Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple introduced a new iPhone model, the iPhone 3GS, which comes, among other things, with a faster processor and more RAM. Since this is a developers' conference, there were also numerous sessions on iPhone development, and the last session was about publishing on the App Store. Since every session at every WWDC is always followed by an open Q&A session, you'd figure this'd be the perfect opportunity for iPhone developers to ask about Apple's App Store policies. Well, no.
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RE[2]: Hate
by HappyGod on Wed 17th Jun 2009 04:44 UTC in reply to "RE: Hate"
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Who I think are the pussy whipped bitches are the developers unwilling to grow a backbone and refuse to develop for the iPhone. Nothing is stopping these developers from standing up and saying, "enough is enough, we aren't going to support a platform that does not give us control over the development and deployment of our own product".

Personally I can't work out the fixation with the iPhone; never have and never will given that I don't have a fetish for 'smart phones'. I have an el-cheap $149 Telecom WCDMA phone (a rebranded ZTE phone) which does everything I need - it confuses me, therefore, that developers ignore that they have the power in the relationship because they can with hold developing for a said platform if they wish - the problem is that they'd sooner develop and then whine than stand on some principles.

It really bothers me when people like you down the iPhone just because your phone "does everything you need". That's completely irrelevant. Who cares if you don't like smart phones? Other people use their mobile devices for more than just making phone calls, and those that do love the iPhone.

I've used every PDA/smartphone platform out there (except for Android), and the iPhone is not only the best, but it is the best by a country mile. That's why developers are falling over themselves to make applications for it, and that's why the Palm Pre (which looks excellent BTW) has so shamelessly copied them.

Apple has an effective monopoly by creating a phone that is significantly better than the opposition (for now). And it is abusing that monopoly - what a shock!

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