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Opera Software A few days ago Opera launched a placeholder website which said they were going to "reinvent" the web, on June 16. Well, it's June 16, and Opera has announced Opera Unite, a technology which allows individual Opera users to connect to one another, turning every machine running Opera Unite into a web server.
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here we go again
by minusf on Wed 17th Jun 2009 20:13 UTC
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sigh. i am not surprised at all about the comments coming up about unite, it's the same dance more or less as with the 10 beta.

while the news post doesnt make the same annoying mistakes as the slashdot summary it doesn't communicate an awful lot either.

i am an old time osnews reader and i never understood the hostile stance against opera. i am not going to repeat all the stuff opera made that are taken for granted now, everyone keeps forgetting anyway. opera is a great company, giving away an amazing product for free. why do you need more?

the problem with unite is, that few people try it, and even fewer realise what it's really about.

no, it is not a 24/7 hosting solution, or a replacement for apache, or a heavyweight p2p sharing solution.

it is an open and flexible framework. it is also alpha software.

if you tried it, you know that it does not need opera at all if you are on the receiving side, you still benefit from it.

lets look at the most talked about feature: i can easily send you a link to a page showing a playlist you can listen to without actually having those songs in your computer. you can open that page in any browser. the number of steps falling away to show you e.g. 5 songs each some 20 megabytes is astounding: i dont have to: compress the files into an archive, upload it to a sharing site (alternatively i can rsync them to my "proper" server, then after you confirm the download i have to delete them again). mail is already out of question, as attachment limits are normally way bellow 20 megs. and it takes ages. you dont have to: wait for the free download page to count down cause all the slots are full and you are not a premium user, maybe even enter a captcha, wait for the files to download, get them from the archive, put them on your playlist, listen to the songs and delete them cause you dont like them anyway. with unite you'll be finished with the songs even before the others packed up the album. i know because i have done this all the time. it is a brilliant shortcut to play some tunes to some friends.

or i can share out a subdirectory of small to mid-sized miscellaneous, ephemeral files you need to copy off of me without all the time sink i already described above. it's a terrific timesaver.

or i can host a chat with my parents without them needing a google account or an icq account or jabber account or any extra software (i am not there to install for them anyway), anything at all but a browser.

or i can share my private pics i want to share only with you, and just for the 2 hours while we chat.

sure, there are better programs with more features for all these tasks. but nothing is faster then this for basic mundane tasks i do every day. unite lets me do all this and much more in the future without downloading, learning and using any other software. i spend my whole day in the browser anyway so why not take advantage of it? it's fast, it's easy, and i can use it no matter what the other side uses as a browser. i couldn't care less -- it makes my life easier.

with unite, the keyword is "instantious". its services are like the minigames in a game. why use extra programs, services, accounts when all you need is to share a couple of files until your friends/collegues download it? no more NT shared directories.

you bet your glasses ie and ff and chrome will scramble to come up with something like this.

and so what if you need another account? it's not the first neither the last one you will have on the internet. if you have a password manager (wand) like the one in opera you won't even care. but the fact is, that by using these services you can actually cut down on the number of accounts you use. i am sure there are services that let you upload music, convert it to a stream and send it off as a url. or for the other stuff unite can or will be able to do. but i am also sure many of those sites need you (the sender) to sign up.

and, Kroc, and Thom? i start to twitch every time i see your names as posters. when it comes to opera, you are ignorant, prejudiced and incompetent news twisters. i just thought i might let you know.

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RE: here we go again
by Kroc on Fri 19th Jun 2009 14:01 in reply to "here we go again"
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Ignorant, I will certainly admit to—and it is why well thought out and concise comments such as your own are of such benefit to us. What you have presented is indeed a line of reasoning I wish to bring up in the next podcast. The actual notion of interlinking browsers this way is very creative, and a natural progression on to better things—I feel that Opera themselves are going about it in perhaps not the best way.

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