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Hardware, Embedded Systems Now this is interesting news that hit my inbox at 2:22 AM (don't ask). It seems like the concept of selling Mac clones is more lucrative than many have anticipated, as I've just been informed via email that the German PearC has expanded its business into the BeNeLux (Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg) and France. Together with the news that Psystar emerged from chapter 11, it looks like the market for Mac clones is more lucrative than many of us had imagined.
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Why do you assume the "experience" will be "sub-par"? It's not as if the Taiwanese and Chinese workers building Macs sprinkle magic Apple pixie dust on each and every Mac as it rolls out the factories in Guangdong and Peitou.

Who knows, maybe the actually DO sprinkle some of their magics on top of the machines ;) But yeah, I don't really understand why people assume those clones will provide a subpar experience. Of course the companies selling those clones have tested their hardware that it does work correctly with OSX, and the quality of the components is the same as everywhere else.

As for OSX itself.. well, I am not saying it's bad, but I don't want it anywhere near me ;)

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