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Bugs & Viruses In the past several days, it appears that at least 35 US- and South Korea-based websites were under attack by a botnet group of computers, causing the attacked domains to become very slow and unresponsive and even putting many out of commission for periods of time. Among the domains were many government websites of their respective countries. It's unconfirmed as to where exactly the attack is being launched from, but South Korean officials believe it to be North Koran forces or those sympathetic to their cause.
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RE: North Korea's computer world
by sakeniwefu on Thu 9th Jul 2009 02:51 UTC in reply to "North Korea's computer world"
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Wow, the People's Republic of Korea never ceases to amaze me.
It turns out they are selling their OCR software commercially in Japan with all the bombs flying over our heads.
You gotta love US Embargos.

At least they could be good Communists and release the source code under the ISC license.

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neticspace Member since:

At least they could be good Communists and release the source code under the ISC license.

North Korea is not Communist, but Socialist with Korean characteristics (AKA Juche ideology). It's very sad that people don't know very much about North Korea, especially Westerners.

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you should try being Canadian, nobody knows anything about us, and we're freaking right next to the US. It has been shown many, many times the prevailing US view of us is that we all live in igloos, say "eh" after every sentence, that it snows year round here, our capital city is Toronto (it's not) and we all love hockey (we do).

There isn't many people who really take the time to learn about anybody other than their own group/country/whatever.

It's kind of a shame.

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Note that what's known as Communism nowadays in the World that has continued to evolve since the 1950s is not the original "Communism" but "Marxism-Leninism" and its derivatives. Juche falls by that definition into Communism because it is, according to messiah Kim Il Sung himself, a derivative of Marxism-Leninism. Other than that, it is rather unoriginal and further developments by Kim Jong Il have many parallelisms with Stalinism, another Communism variant.

What the parties and Nations choose to call themselves has little relevance, as the Chinese Communist Party can hardly be defined as Communist by any standard(more like 1900s European Capitalism) and the "Socialist" Parties in Europe and the developed world in general are, at their best, Socially Liberal Conservatives.

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