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Google Even though everyone's talking about it, fact of the matter is that Google's Chrome OS is currently nothing more than an internet announcement, with a supposed release date of somewhere in 2010. Google chief executive Eric Schmidt has now stated that netbooks running Chrome OS could appear as early as this year. In addition, Schmidt also talked about his position at Apple's board of directors.
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RE: Wait a second...
by kaiwai on Sun 12th Jul 2009 21:32 UTC in reply to "Wait a second..."
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The summary is a tad bit sensationalist: "netbooks running Chrome OS could appear as early as this year" vs (from the article): “Everybody we’ve talked to under nondisclosure is excited about the plan,” Schmidt told Reuters. “So hopefully later this year we’ll see some announcements.”

Another "what?!" moment comes from the article itself: "“I don’t want to talk about Microsoft,” he told Reuters. “We actually don’t look at market share at all.”


Why is it unbelievable? you do realise that if you're a company who believes in your product - why would you be constantly looking over your shoulder at a distant competitor? talking about insecurity issues if you need to constantly check to see how far back the competition is rather than improving the products.

Microsoft is the prime example of the market share syndrome run amok - instead of addressing the short comings of their products they whine about the rise of competitors and then spend MILLIONS on marketing. Why haven't I seen an improvement in Windows 7? what it seems to be is Microsoft with the ego of, "Well, its everyone else with the problem - there is nothing wrong with Windows, its all PR".

I'm not claiming that when it comes to spending money that it is either marketing or investment but given the fact that there has been little or no improvement in Windows 7 at either the fundamental system level or UI consistency - I question whether the organisations focus has shifted from fixing their product in favour of hoping PR will short out the issues.

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