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Microsoft I'm sure most of you are aware of the advertisements going back and forth between Apple and Microsoft. Apple started out with the "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" campiagn, and Microsoft responded - after a long wait - with the "Laptop Hunters" ads. Recently, Apple made some price cuts, and according to Microsoft, the Cupertino company's lawyers contacted Microsoft, demanding they take down the ads.
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Ignores a few small facts
by Anim8me2 on Thu 16th Jul 2009 14:51 UTC
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First and foremost,
No lawyer would ever just make a fumbling phone call. The issue is truth in advertising and this would certainly generate a certified letter at the least as well as some emails to MS.

Secondly, the guy is full of crap. The issue is not "about $100" it is at least $300 and also references the positioning of a price for the 17" laptop which is $2499 right next to the description for a 15".

Are there cheaper PC laptops? Sure. Are they cheaper as in crappy? Sure.
There are so many dishonest things in the laptop hunter ads that it is laughable to go after this one thing.

Guy wants long battery life and power, gets utter garbage with lowest rated battery life around.
Girls wants to edit video, gets a laptop that won't run anything truly powerful... oh and it has the same amount of RAM she derides the Mac for having.

Do we really need to rehash all the inaccuracies in these ads?

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RE: Ignores a few small facts
by s_groening on Fri 17th Jul 2009 07:32 in reply to "Ignores a few small facts"
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Yes, it's actually funny how Microsoft seems to put side (all) quality aspects of the laptop buying process, yet at the same time they tout their own horn on just how amazingly far better their own offering is compared to the opposition in respect to Windows vs Mac OS X vs Linux!

They ought to actually take it seriously that hardware quality, to some people at least, is a vital part of the buying experience.

Now, I'm not saying Apple necessarily is the way to go if you opt for quality hardware, but I do feel that the argument hinting that the super cheap, supermarket bought 'no-name' laptop necessarily is as good a computer as a $1.000+ laptop lacks some detail ...

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