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Apple It seems Apple is on a roller coaster ride this week, going from bad news to good news, back to bad news again. A local television station from Seattle, US, forced the Consumer Product Safety Commission via the Freedom Of Information Act to hand over an 800-page report about fire hazards posed by Apple's iPod music players. Experts on consumer safety agree that it's time Apple makes public statements about the fire hazards posed by iPods.
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This seems to happen alot...
by Drumhellar on Wed 22nd Jul 2009 19:27 UTC
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Maybe it's just me, but I see Apple in the news for dangerous products far more often than other computer companies. I've never heard of Dell, HP, or Gateway laptops burning people or catching fire, nor have I seen mention of Zune injuries, but every new generation of Apple portable devices comes with a new generation of Apple-batteries-explode stories.

Is this really an almost Apple-only problem?

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How many people own Zunes compared to iPods?

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RE: This seems to happen alot...
by jptros on Wed 22nd Jul 2009 19:45 in reply to "This seems to happen alot..."
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There was once a case of some sony batteries that were catching fire. I remember mostly only hearing about dell but I think it may have been other vendors laptops as well that were using these sony batteries.

All the same, it does seem like we hear about Apple's defects more. I own a powerbook and it has broken more than my PC laptops (toshiba satellite and vaio). The vaio has never had a problem, the satellite has one defect where when you pick it up from the front with the display open the case will flex a little and the video card will pop loose just enough to where the laptop will not function unless you remove the keyboard and push the card all the way back in. My power book has had multiple drive failures, the track pad has been buggy (loss of sensitivity and cursor jumping around screen) for a long time and lately barely works. I've had multiple power adapters for it. The last one I replaced because it would get so hot after being plugged in for about an hour that you could smell burning and the power brick would be burning hot.

-- EDIT --

I have 2 ipods, nano (1st gen) and an ipod touch (2nd gen) that haven't been a problem. My wife's 2nd gen nano though started having issues with the menu wheel not to long after we bought it. It still works but you have to forcefully push on it to make it select menu items.

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Apple gets special treatment from the FCC / ATT and everyone else. They don't have to abide by the same rules.

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Oh how poilitely you try to defend Apple. If it was Microsoft XBOX Ring of Death, I am sure most MS haters would be shouting their lungs off against MS.

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