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Windows The browser saga between Microsoft, the EU, and various browser makers just got a new chapter. We all know how the EU and Microsoft are in a legal tussle over the inclusion of Internet Explorer with Windows. Microsoft surprised everyone in June by announcing that Windows 7 would ship without Internet Explorer in Europe, a move it had hoped would silence the EU. The EU and Opera, however, were not impressed, and now Microsoft has caved in to the pressure.
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RE[2]: Too little, too late
by unoengborg on Sat 25th Jul 2009 00:51 UTC in reply to "RE: Too little, too late"
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I think it is a great solution. IE still has 70% of the market and can still be used to push shit onto the internet. A lot of people do not know about different browsers, they don't even know what a browser is.

People may not know, but the marketing people of various companies do. They are usually the ones who "put shit onto the internet" not Microsoft. Leaving out 30% of their potential customers by just providing content that only can be accessed by IE is not acceptable. Even 10% would have been too much

They will use technology that can be read in all browsers. In a sense this means that Microsoft already have lost their control. In turn, this means that Microsoft have little to lose by letting people select their preferred browser, especially if doing so, will let the EU off their back.

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