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Windows A lot of our readers are still happily using Windows XP - 36% of our users use XP, 12% Vista, and 6% Windows 7. While Windows XP is showing its age in a lot of areas, there is at least something you can do to prettify the operating system at minimal cost. In Windows XP, and to a lesser extent Windows Vista, there are still a lot of old-style icons and graphics that should be updated to more modern variants. There are free tools that do just this (thanks to IStartedSomething).
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SRP is also known as "Software Restriction Policies." You can use it to deny execution for all applications other than ones that are certified for your domain. It looks like it's pretty flexible, but I'd imagine that it takes quite a bit of effort to administer a network of any size where you have a default-deny policy and non-single-purpose workstations.

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Actually it is really easy. I am being serious. Not trying to sell you on anything or make myself feel better. I have been doing this for years without any ant-virus installed. I also setup friends and family machines this way too.

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