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Editorial I think I'd like to start an internet movement. Due to Apple's recent actions regarding the Google Voice app, I intend to criticize Apple every day at OSNews for 1984 days, or until they perform a very subtle and simple act of contrition. I'd like to enlist the help of every tech journalist, blogger, twitterer, Facebook denizen, and person who ever talks to another person. I'm that girl in the running shorts with the hammer, people! I'm throwing the hammer at the big creepy guy on the screen! We don't have to be slaves anymore! Read on for the full manifesto.
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RE: Ridiculous
by David on Thu 30th Jul 2009 20:12 UTC in reply to "Ridiculous"
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You're absolutely right, and I'm ashamed that I didn't mention this opportunity that Apple has to disrupt mobile carriers' power worldwide. Here's the paragraph I added to my manifesto:

And, as a reader so astutely pointed out, this isn't, of course just about AT&T. Right now, AT&T is the most influential carrier, but as the iPhone moves across the globe, Apple has a chance to set the carriers straight all over the place. They should make an example of AT&T and put the world's other carriers on notice.

And as for "deliberately tossing complaints around," it's not like I'm going to have to bend over backward to find things to complain about. Even for a die-hard Apple fan like me, there's a lot to talk about. But just like I don't believe we should get bored with the protests in Iran and stop talking about them, I think that Apple will be less likely to disrespect its customers if we show determination not to let the issue drop.

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RE[2]: Ridiculous
by darknexus on Thu 30th Jul 2009 20:21 in reply to "RE: Ridiculous"
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Nevertheless, I think care is warranted here. Anyone can find anything to complain about, no matter what it is, if they look hard enough. I think, in this case, you need to take care that your complaints about Apple are actually valid in this context--e.g. complaining about the app store would be valid, complaining about the look of various icons in os x would not make sense in this context and would only muddle the issue you're trying to expose. Even though you , I'm sure, will take this into mind there's no guarantee that other tech sites and their writers will do the same and that we won't just end up with a shouting match that will only serve to bury the real issues further. If this is to work, the messages need to be along the same lines everywhere, and one also needs to play fair. There's no sense berating Apple on one hand, for example, while praising some of Microsoft's monopolistic and controlling practices on the other (note: Microsoft is an example, substitute any other company name if Microsoft promotes a knee-jerk reaction).
Also, thanks for taking my words concerning other carriers into account. I was, I think, a bit harsh in the way I said them and for that I apologize.

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