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SuSE, openSUSE SUSE Linux used to be a very KDE-centric distribution. Then Novell came around, bought SUSE and Ximian, and slowely but surely they turned the now-openSUSE distribution into effectively a GNOME-centric distribution with KDE as its sidekick. The openSUSE community, however, doesn't appear to be particularly happy with KDE being a sidekick.
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by OSGuy on Tue 4th Aug 2009 10:59 UTC
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Personally, until KDE4, KDE was my number one choice. Then I moved to GNOME (Ubuntu) as I found KDE4 highly undesirable. However KDE is improving and their latest version does seem somewhat better and now thanks to GNOME's latest announcement (hiding the icons rather then fixing the issue), I am going to switch back to KDE so opensuSE should make KDE their default desktop.

Since we are on the KDE topic: Linux Mint KDE has been released. Now *this* should be interesting (considering their GNOME desktop is seriously polished):

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