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SuSE, openSUSE SUSE Linux used to be a very KDE-centric distribution. Then Novell came around, bought SUSE and Ximian, and slowely but surely they turned the now-openSUSE distribution into effectively a GNOME-centric distribution with KDE as its sidekick. The openSUSE community, however, doesn't appear to be particularly happy with KDE being a sidekick.
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RE: who cares?
by Kalessin on Thu 6th Aug 2009 01:25 UTC in reply to "who cares?"
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I love some of the QT apps but hate the look of them.. I am so glad that qt can now be wrapped to look like gtk and vice versa.

LOL. I'm the exact opposite. I like how QT looks and I hate how GTK looks. To each their own, I guess. And wrapping apps does help to some extent, but it doesn't change behavior. But it's not like you can fix that very well with a wrapper (for instance, using gtk applications with a wrapper, you're still stuck with the gnome file dialog).

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