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Linux user Tess Flynn joins us to follow up on the feedback from last week's episode about Xorg.

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RE[2]: Comment by ideasman42
by ideasman42 on Tue 25th Aug 2009 11:45 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by ideasman42"
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Thanks for looking into this,
For Blender3D we use X11 directly but only to setup the OpenGL context, pass on events & copy/paste, there are about ~2000 lines of xlib code in total.
We also have some crazy guys that still support Irix (and solaris but at least thats not EOL'd yet), not sure if this is supported without static linking, would need to look into that too.

While using Xlib is a total PITA to work with, its rare that it needs updating so theres not much incentive to switch.

The only thing that would make me interested in doing this, is if it was faster or somehow gave a better user experience.

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RE[3]: Comment by ideasman42
by jabjoe on Tue 25th Aug 2009 15:05 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by ideasman42"
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After reading:

It does sound like there isn't much point for you. Bar the nicer API. Maybe I'm missing some win about XCB events, but I'm not seeing it.

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RE[4]: Comment by ideasman42
by siride on Tue 25th Aug 2009 15:37 in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by ideasman42"
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The point of XCB is that it doesn't do all sorts of behind-the-scenes caching and round-tripping that Xlib does. It gives you something that is a bit more on the raw side as far as accessing the underlying protocol. This can be used to reduce latency and unnecessary round-trips. The API isn't needlessly complex and it is not intended to be a application-writer's API. Rather, it is intended to be used by toolkits and other mid-level libraries and frameworks which will then present a nice API to application developers.

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