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Linux A complaint you hear quite often is that the Linux desktop environments, which mostly refers to KDE and GNOME, are trying too hard to be like Windows and Mac OS X. Now, even James Bottomley, Distinguished Engineer at Novell, Director of the Linux Foundation, and Chair of its Technical Advisory Board (put that on your business card) states in an interview that he believes the Linux desktop is too much like Windows and Mac.
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Microsoft are a bunch of cheap hacks and provide ZERO innovation..

Is that why openoffice has stopped copying Office97 and has switched to 2007? What about directx? Visual Studio? I could go on but I'm sure you would just find something else to rationalize your hatred.

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as we know lusers are big mouth...

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If one was to look at the sounds in windows xp they will notice that the files where created with an illegal copy of Soundforge. Yes Microsoft steals alot of things from other operating systems and turns around and blames everyone for stealing from them..

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