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Legal Microsoft has been granted a stay of a landmark injunction in a patent infringement case that would have required the software giant to stop selling its popular Word in its current form by next month. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on Thursday granted Microsoft's motion for a stay, pending appeal, of an injunction issued in August by a federal judge that bars sales of Word that include a custom XML code found to infringe on patents held by i4i - the plaintiff.
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Documenting this on
by ciaran on Sat 5th Sep 2009 14:51 UTC
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I've been documenting the i4i case here:


The question of whether i4i is a troll or not is interesting alright. Patent lawyers like to talk of "non-practising entities" rather than "trolls", and then with that definition, since i4i has a failed product, they escape the category.

That's the point of view of the mercenary who makes money as longs as there's lots of litigation in the air.

From the victims point of view, I'd say the jury's still out. If i4i goes after another company after MS, then they're a troll alright. (They've already said that doesn't infringe, but other word processors mightn't be so lucky.)

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