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Debian and its clones Developer Frans Pop, author of debtree, posted an article showing the evolution in size of the GNOME desktop environment in recent Debian releases. The picture he paints isn't particularly pretty: the default GNOME install has increased drastically in size over the years.
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RE[9]: Get off my lawn!
by cjst on Tue 8th Sep 2009 22:47 UTC in reply to "RE[8]: Get off my lawn!"
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OSX seems to be fine without it, but I'm sure OSX has some form of userland daemon doing the same thing udev does now, Maybe OSX doesn't need to do it because of the limited device compatibility? Either way, interesting read. Thanks!

It probably has. But anyway before udev, there was hotplug which handled — what I guess you are refering to — in conjunction with devfs.

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RE[10]: Get off my lawn!
by apoclypse on Tue 8th Sep 2009 23:41 in reply to "RE[9]: Get off my lawn!"
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The thing I remember that was a big deal about udev and I think it was mentioned in that link , was that devfs used to create all these devices in the /dev directory that just used to sit there. I think udev creates its devices based on when is connected and only those devices. I could be wrong on that but I remember they got rid of hotplug for a reason and it sounded like a good one at the time. Either way its a mot point because udev isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

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