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BeOS & Derivatives The Haiku Project is proud to announce the availability of Haiku R1/Alpha 1, the first official development release of Haiku, an open source operating system that specifically targets personal computing. The purpose of this release is to make a stable development snapshot of Haiku available to a wider audience for more extensive testing and debugging.
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by AnythingButVista on Tue 15th Sep 2009 19:33 UTC
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I don't remember when was the last time I was so excited about testing a non-Windows OS. I once felt this way with Linux, but now that's the same old same old.

Anyway, I tried the Alpha1 live CD on my two computers and I'm impressed. Yes, there's a lot missing like Wi-Fi support, heck I can't even swap the primary and secondary mouse buttons like in pretty much all OS's I've ever tried. But everything that's in there worked, and it worked well! I had video with the correct resolutions on both computers (laptop is widescreen, desktop isn't). Sound worked for both Audigy 2ZS and Conexant HD Audio. I didn't even have problems with a Dell USB multimedia keyboard with hub, nor with the USB mouse connected to that keyboard.

I'm looking forward to a great future for the Haiku project. I wish I could help more, but I'm not a C (or C++ or assembly) programmer. I'll be pounding on the alpha and reporting bugs though. Congrats to the Haiku dev team!

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RE: OMG!!!
by v_bobok on Wed 16th Sep 2009 02:41 in reply to "OMG!!!"
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Wow, I happy for you because of the working USB thing. Someone has a problem with the Apple keyboard btw.

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