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In the News The commonwealth of Massachusetts has finalised its decision to standardise desktop applications on OpenDocument, a format not supported by Microsoft Office. State agencies in the executive branch are now supposed to migrate to OpenDocument-compliant applications by 1 January, 2007, a change that will affect about 50 000 desktop PCs. The reference model also confirms that Adobe's PDF format is considered an "open format".
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Microsoft Snub?
by narcissus on Fri 30th Sep 2005 18:45 UTC
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WTF? Thom you Microsoft apologist. It is not a snub to require an open document format. It is the customer defining their requirements. It is as if I tell the car dealer I require a four door car. If s/he insists on trying to sell me a two door, I move on. Microsoft could play ball. They could incorporate OpenDocument into Office. The specifications are open. This isn't an attack on Microsoft, it's about giving the constituents the abitily to view/use their information without having to buy a certain companies software. Wake up!

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RE: Microsoft Snub?
by on Sat 1st Oct 2005 22:21 in reply to "Microsoft Snub?"
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To be fair to Thom that is how the ZDnet Asia article is titled.

On the other hand he could have dodged a lot of bullets by making that more obvious.

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