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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu We reported earlier on a blog post entitled "Ubuntu Report Card (2009)" where the author detailed how they felt the Ubuntu experience had improved over the years. In a follow-up series of articles looking at the future, Tanner Helland has written 10 different broadly-scoped feature requests that [he] 'and many others would like to see by the time Ubuntu 10.10 rolls around'.
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No ...
by Moulinneuf on Thu 1st Oct 2009 21:49 UTC in reply to "1. Run Windows software."
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Apple did this for years until they decided to concentrate on there OS and there user's, instead of trying to make Windows work on Apple OS. Microsoft was the one to port it's software to the platform when the OS was finnaly ready.

All the other failling OS had this strategy and we only have #1 GNU/linux #2 Windows #3 Mac OS X as mainstream OS today.

You want to run windows software use Windows. You Want Mac OS X software use Mac OS X. The only real solution would be them porting there Apps to GNU/Linux.

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RE: No ...
by google_ninja on Thu 1st Oct 2009 21:53 in reply to "No ..."
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You are right, but it sucks. My favorite editor in existence is TextMate which is OSX only. On windows we have e-texteditor which is almost there, but not quite. On linux there is redcar, but it is in the very early stages of development (and currently its unusable on HEAD).

I really don't want to have to spend 3k on a macbook pro just to get TextMate, but I have come extremely close 3 times now. If there were something like wine for osx, I would be overjoyed.

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RE[2]: No ...
by Kroc on Thu 1st Oct 2009 22:05 in reply to "RE: No ..."
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The Linux platform should be so compelling that the author of TextMate would _want_ to port it to Linux.

It’s an API war, and Apple are winning.

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RE[2]: No ...
by albert on Fri 2nd Oct 2009 12:56 in reply to "RE: No ..."
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Wine for OSX?
- It's called Darwine, it's been around for ages, try doing some research

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RE: No ...
by segedunum on Thu 1st Oct 2009 22:53 in reply to "No ..."
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Apple and Mac OS X still makes up a pretty insignificant share of the market, even though they've managed to create a reasonable installed base of applications themselves.

If you don't pay attention to what the installed base is using then you're going nowhere. Even Microsoft has experienced it. If you're introducing a new OS to people, like Vista, with a new development platform that you hope will get developers writing lots of cool new applications then it doesn't amount to a hill of beans if the incumbent installed base, Windows XP users and developers, can do nothing with it.

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RE[2]: No ...
by nt_jerkface on Fri 2nd Oct 2009 01:58 in reply to "RE: No ..."
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OSX welcomes proprietary developers and gives them a platform they can target.

Linux distros are designed around open source and seem to expect that all programmers volunteer their time.

You would think that with 1% share they would re-think this strategy of being hostile to proprietary developers.

At this point the iPhone has better games than Linux even though the latter has been in development for over a decade. That's because the iPhone is designed around developers who want to get paid for their hard work. The GPL ideology needs to go, there's nothing wrong with proprietary software. Programmers need to get paid like everyone else.

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