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FreeBSD Not too long ago, Apple open sourced its Grand Central Dispatch library, which aids in developing multithreaded code. It was suggested that it could be ported to other platforms, and the FreeBSD team has done exactly that. They have also done a lot of work related to getting GCD to work in a POSIX environment.
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RE[4]: Neato
by BluenoseJake on Tue 13th Oct 2009 20:49 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Neato"
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What's with the attitude? There isn't any reason to be calling people names just because you disagree with them. I think you'll find that sort of crap doesn't fly around here

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RE[5]: Neato
by helf on Tue 13th Oct 2009 21:54 in reply to "RE[4]: Neato"
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I don't know why people still get surprised when someone acts like this. It IS "the Internet", after all.

Best to just ignore them.

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RE[5]: Neato
by theosib on Wed 14th Oct 2009 00:32 in reply to "RE[4]: Neato"
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I don't know. I can't make a lot of sense out of ciel's attitude either.

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RE[5]: Neato
by bfr99 on Thu 15th Oct 2009 13:38 in reply to "RE[4]: Neato"
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I find that when emotions enter a technical discussion or dispute the facts disappear.

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