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Original OSNews Interviews In the past, OSNews' interview volume was quite a bit higher than it has been lately. I had the pleasure of having lunch with Eugenia and her husband last week, and she mentioned that we haven't done as many interviews, and that in the past they were always very popular. So I decided that I'm going to make it a personal priority to publish more interviews. I'd like to crowdsource the idea, and ask the OSNews community who they'd like to see us interview. Please let us know in the comments of this story who you'd like us to talk to, and what specific questions you'd like us to ask. Shoot for the moon. It's not as hard to get an email-based interview as you might think. Obviously OS-world luminaries will always be a priority, but feel free to recommend people from the larger tech community, or even geek-oriented popular culture.
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Moulinneuf, friend. Please. End this madness! Right when we (as in the OSNews staff) change our commenting rules to the Implicit Trust thing with a great reminder of "How to Be Nice While Commenting," you go and break this trust. I know it's been a day or so since you last replied to this, but in case you come back, I suggest you stop replying and causing just a big flame war about who is an idiot and who should use their real names. If you click on my pseudonym, weildish, and see my real name on my profile as other people have suggested, you'll recognize me as one of the editors and one with the power to moderate and delete comments. I have no interest in deleting your last dozen or two comments and the comments from the others that were spurred from yours, and I have no interest in issuing out any more warnings. You need to stop insulting others and keep to the topic. Please. I beg of you. For my sake and for the sake of all of the readers-- when you start flaming other users, it completely detracts from the conversation. Again, I don't want to do this, so don't give me reason to.

This goes to the other commenters: as provocative as a person's comment may be to you as Moulinneuf's comment obviously was to those who replied to it, if you simply ignore it and go on your merry way, the person doesn't have reason to reply, and his initial comment will get voted down or even removed in the end. It's simple yet hard to resist the temptation of contributing to a flame war. Let's be nice now, eh? Nobody needs to hold hands-- just be civil, for heaven's sake.

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