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Windows It's October 22 today. A completely random date in the grand scheme of things (we Dutch lost a big naval battle to the Ming dynasty on October 22 1633), but it also happens to be the release date of the newest version of Windows - Windows 7. Since Windows is still the most popular desktop operating system out there, this is pretty big news.
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RE[4]: Don't believe the hype
by mickrussom on Thu 22nd Oct 2009 22:31 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Don't believe the hype"
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Wasting memory has always been something morons who don't know how to code do.

PDP11, max 4MB of RAM. Lots of stuff got done in there. PDP8 maxed at 32K. Piece of junk that used to help run the world.

Multics systems maxed out at around 48MB memory, the last of which was retired in 2000.

This is a nightmare what people are doing to abuse memory, and more isn't getting done, more people spend more time doing useless things that could easily take up less memory, yet they chose not to do so. The problem then is with everyone being pigs with memory there is never enough even though there is, in a historic sense, many orders of magnitude more of it.

Constraints , particularly with memory, lead to the greatest explosion of technological paradigm shifts in the computing world.

Once the constraints were lifted, things have dragged on, rudderlessly, listlessly, directionless, with companies fighting over what the next anti-standard they try to own should look like. Its rather pathetic, less is getting done, except DRM is everywhere.


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RE[5]: Don't believe the hype
by marafaka on Fri 23rd Oct 2009 09:35 in reply to "RE[4]: Don't believe the hype"
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I agree with your sentiments. I've done great software and hardware jobs with C=64, but in front of a modern PC my hands are tied.

There is no progress in IT, there are just greater and greater amounts of energy thrown into this industry.

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Bit_Rapist Member since:

lol every system you mentioned was an absolute pile of living shit when it came to user interaction and usability.

If you want to stare at a black screen with a blinking cursor as a form of user input to the machine then sure low RAM requirements would be easy to hit.

People do not want that in this day and age. Sadly they want flashy stuff and programs that integrate together. All of this sucks up your machine's resources as the developers add more and more background processes all eating ram and cycles to provide the functionality.

Now I do agree that 'tight coding' is just not taught in this day and age and that is a downright shame.

Whatever happened to the 'profiling' stage of development? Its largely gone.

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modmans2ndcoming Member since:

The garbage collector was invented, huge frameworks took the place of in house libraries, and the rest is history.

Basically... unless you are in an embedded environment there is no need to bother profiling code anymore. Even there, frameworks are taking root.

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however, none of those systems are in the same universe of capability at general computing tasks as modern Operating Systems.

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