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Amiga & AROS Yes, we are continuing our new-found fascination with the Amiga platform, by reporting to you straight from the floors of AmiWest and Pianeta Amiga. Chris Handley consolidated all the information from these two Amiga shows into one handy post, and the future of the AmigaOS looks bright indeed! Update: More planned features have emerged. Read on for the update.
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Ummm, None of This Has Been Released
by Android Fan on Sat 24th Oct 2009 11:16 UTC
Android Fan
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Not that Amiga universe announcements don't always pan out, but the post says this stuff is not finished and is only "expected" at this time.

This OSNews article is a bit overly enthusiastic, IMHO.

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Thom_Holwerda Member since:


"It's not finished yet, so any of the below new features might not make it into the final release."

In addition, the word "roadmap" kind of implies that they are PLANS. You would've had a point if the above quote wasn't in the article, and I had said "confirmed feature list" instead of "roadmap".

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Okay, Thom, you said roadmap but when you're glowing article summaries with "the future looks bright indeed" you're getting uncomfortably close to the land of the dancing bananas.

I also had to look twice at "The epic news is that this situation is now completely and utterly resolved," about outcome Hyperion-Amiga Inc. lawsuit. When I read about the outcome of a lawsuit I like to hear from both parties in a joint statement, or a neutral party, or see some concrete agreement terms, but all that I've heard about this comes from one side, whose announcement leaves some room for interpretation. But not to fault OSNews alone, because Slashdot did that too.

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