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Editorial Hands up if you use Firefox. Have used it? Know about it? Heard of it? 'Sites up and down the World Wide Web today will be celebrating five years of Firefox. When I sat down to write this I worried about having to list the history of its features and landmark events and the news of the past five years. Other sites will be comprehensively doing that, there is nothing I can add to that list that Google can't surmise. Instead I will be telling you what Google does not know, my story of Firefox and what Firefox has meant to all of us.
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by WereCatf on Mon 9th Nov 2009 14:53 UTC
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FireFox has changed my life quite a lot too. I too first learned to use Frontpage at school and being the curious cat I started studying HTML the same week. But IE was the de facto standard back then and so all websites had to be compliant with it, not vice versa. FireFox eventually rescued me from that pit and from the poor coding habits that I had learned and since then I've learned to do things the Right Way (TM).

Nowadays though I have moved away from FireFox. Google Chrome blows it straight out of water both on Windows and on Linux, but especially so on Linux; FireFox just crawls there and as unfortunate as it is, it is falling behind the competition quite fast. Chrome/Chromium has made me a happy camper now ;)

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RE: Indeed
by OfficeSubmarine on Mon 9th Nov 2009 17:40 in reply to "Indeed"
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I'm in the same boat with firefox in linux. The irony being that I switched to it in the first place because opera, at time, was doing a poor job keeping opera even running in modern distros.

But now firefox just feels slow on linux, even swiftfox does. I've heard the excuses, compiled with all the flags that are supposed to speed it up, and it's just not performing well. Where chromium, with the same functionality in terms of installed extensions, just flies. And it's not even officially in beta yet!

I love firefox, and I'm glad it's around. But I hardly ever even use it anymore. It's become like IE in wine used to be. Just something around for that rare site which breaks in my main browser.

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IE8, Chrome, Safari and FF are all plenty fast on a dual-core cpu. The real limit on browsing speed these days is your bandwidth connection.

FF was great in the days of IE6 but most people I know just use IE8 since it comes with the computer. That includes people that used to use Firefox.

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